Sorry to my Twitter friends

Hi Guys

Lots of people re-tweeted me yesterday, so when I checked my Hotmail account to copy and paste all the addresses, there were only three.

My policy is to always RT for RT, but if I’m not getting all of them, how can I pay-back?

I posted a question on Twitter and I now know that I’m not the only one with this problem.

Use the @Connect function on Twitter, but the downside is that you can’t delete or mark the tweet as finished with, so, if you’re a bit disorganised like me and jump back and forward between the feed page and the connect page, then you run the risk of duplication or again, missing someone.

Any suggestions?

Wouldn’t it be great if every tweet received let you know if a) they followed you b) you followed them and c) if there was a button to load their details into software that let you make a RT list?

To anyone who did take the time to re-tweet me and is wondering why I didn’t return the favour, I can only apologise. I’m starting to trawl through all the @Connect details for the last couple of weeks and will hopefully catch everybody and do the decent thing.


PS. Started on @Connect just now and when say 3 people RT you and you’ve copied all their addresses to the RT list; if another person RTs the same link, then it moves to the top of the page showing 4 people. So, unless you actually sit down and make a detailed record of who tweeted what post, then duplication is going to happen. It’s impossible.


3 thoughts on “Sorry to my Twitter friends

  1. I don’t have any suggestions on how to organize @connect. You’re right about the list moving around every time a new person gets added to it. Oh this is wonderful, I have more than 140 characters – whoopee, communication! But I wouldn’t worry too much about not reciprocating or thanking once in a while, Lawrence. You have an outstanding track record where that’s concern so think all your Twitter friends will forgive you. If it will make your mind a little easier, there are people I’ve retweeted time and time again and never got so much as a thank you. Now that I’m an older and wiser tweeter, I realize it’s because they’re really not on Twitter. A scheduler is spitting out their tweets at regular intervals. I use a scheduler too, but the real me does pop in to say hello a few times a day. That’s how I get to meet wonderful Twitter friends like you.

    • You’re too kind JP.

      I’ll put a post up about the new method tomorrow. It does seem to be easier, but it’s hard to explain.

      If you constantly click back and forth between Home, Connect, Followers, etc., it means that every time you click on the @Connect button, it re-shuffles everyone who has RTd the same tweet, so you don’t know which ones you have saved.

      Separate window means that each RT, Follow, Fav, all come in separately; one at a time. So all you have to do is click on the name, copy and paste then follow up and re-pay.

      Don’t know what is going on with Hotmail/Twitter. I’m still getting new followers emailed, but absolutely nothing from people who RT me.

      I RT all day and then at night in bed, just RT anybody whether they’ve tweeted me or not. Seems to work eventually.

      I’ll keep very close eye on it for a couple of days and make sure that it does what it says on the tin.

      Take care.

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