Re-tweeting is bad for you!!!

Ok, you probably assumed from the title that RTs are bad, but no, that’s not what I mean at all. RTs are good and an essential way to interact with your followers.

So, what am I on about then? Well, for the last month or so, I have had an unexplained pain in my right elbow. No bruises, I didn’t hit it, didn’t lift anything in an awkward way; nothing I can think of, then today (Sunday, 21st July), it was suggested to me that it might be tennis elbow. I laughed the suggestion off and made myself a cup of coffee, but when I lifted it to drink, shooting pains at my elbow, so I searched Google and found this

Elbow Pain

Despite its name, tennis elbow isn’t just caused by playing tennis. We don’t know the exact cause, but it’s associated with activities that involve repetitive extension of your wrist and hand. If you’re continually gripping and twisting – for example if you’re a carpenter or plasterer, or if you use a computer mouse – you’re more likely to get it. Almost 80% of people recover with basic treatment. – See more at:

I’ve highlighted the relevant section, so I suppose I’ll be off to see the doctor tomorrow.

Going to be very slow having to use the mouse with my left hand, but gotta keep up with my RTs irrespective of the pain.

As they (almost) used to say in Hill Street Blues – Hey, lets be careful out there (in Twitterland) 🙂


3 thoughts on “Re-tweeting is bad for you!!!

  1. Poor old you!!! I have much to say on the subject of RTs…. think I’ll save it for a blog post, and hope your arm gets better!!

  2. Hope your arm is soon recovered. Strangely, I’ve been having problems with my right shoulder and neck and the physio thinks my problems originated in with over using my arm. Maybe I have found my answer 🙂

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