Author Interview ~ P J Webb

Hi, my name is PJ Webb, and I have to say that I wasn’t always interested in writing – well, not stories anyway. I’m originally from New York City and started out to be a rock and pop singer and songwriter. Meanwhile, I supported myself by modelling, and spent many evenings in recording studios with the band I had painstakingly put together. Then, I met my future husband, Scott, and got involved helping him with his fledgeling business. Eventually, his business became paramount as it grew into an extremely successful enterprise, and I put music on hold to help him.


What prompted you to write your first book?
In 2011, during the recession, the business my husband and I had worked so hard to build began to crumble. My husband was working long hours and would come home drained and go to bed while I stayed up most of the night worrying about a situation I really had no control over. That’s when I decided, if I was going to be up the better part of the night, I might as well do something constructive, and so I began to write Transformation: the first book in my Prince of the Blood Chronicles. By the time I had the first draft finished the business was gone and with it everything we owned, except for our boat, Somewhere in Time. My husband and I got on board and headed south. Our intention had been to go to Florida for a possible business venture, but we broke down in North Carolina and ended up living on board for fifteen months. I have to say in retrospect that the time I spent writing my first book saved my sanity. My main character, Sebastian, was written with the strength and determination I needed to go on, and he became my inspiration.


Did you have to do any research before you started writing Transformation?
Yes, and I still am doing extensive research since it’s a story that will span more than two hundred years by the time the series is completed.

Do you know how many books will make up the series?
In total, there are three books that will make up a trilogy within the series. They are Transformation and Evolution which are both published and available on Amazon now. The third book, Transcendence, is written and currently being edited. There will also be books written about interesting characters within the series. One of them will be the diary of a courtesan in the French court of Louis XV named Colette.


Are you planning any books of different genres, or will you continue writing about vampires?
I would never limit myself to any genre. Although, I would say I’m definitely a dark fantasy enthusiast. My newest release, Lora Lee, is the first in my Cliff House series and is a ghost story, also available on Amazon.


What do you love or hate the most about being a writer?
I Love the idea of creating stories that readers can escape into for relaxation and enjoyment. I especially enjoy the creative process of seeing and meeting my characters as they come to life and the development of events along the way that bring the story to fruition. I don’t, however, like the tedious but extremely necessary process of editing, or the butterflies wondering if a new book will be liked. I’m still a relatively new author, and perhaps it’s a feeling that eventually stops, but somehow I doubt that.

What is your typical writing day like?
It’s very rare that I actually have an entire writing day, but oh so heavenly when it happens. Usually, I have a few hours in the evening to write, and sometimes I still indulge myself late at night. I have found though, that if you discipline yourself to make good use of the time you have, you can actually make a great deal of progress.

What are your feelings on social media marketing for authors?
Well, I think you get back what you put into it. For me it’s been an interesting experience in that I’ve met so many wonderful and talented authors that I’ve learned a great deal from, and many have become good friends. To me that’s priceless. Also, my books are reaching a lot of readers because of it, and I’ve had opportunities that I certainly wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Do you have any tips for new authors?
Just get out there and start interacting, but keep the promotion of yourself to a minimum. Be sincere about your interest in what others are doing, and eventually they’ll be interested in you. You may even make some very dear friends along the way.

Do you ever get writer’s block, and if so, how do you overcome it?
Fortunately, I haven’t had that problem yet, but I think if I did, rather than wasting time and becoming more and more frustrated, I’d just start another story. Then, I’d eventually go back to my first story refreshed and have another try at it.

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
Just, thank you, Lawrence, for inviting me to do this interview. I think it’s so important for new writers, and especially new indie writers, to have the opportunity to introduce themselves to readers and other authors, and blogs like yours make that possible.

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What would a courtesan in the court of King Louis XV have to say?
Trust lost by the desperation of her family.
Innocence lost at the hands of a king.
Mortality lost at the will of a vampire.

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