All about Lawrence Wray

Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

This is where I tell you all about myself and give my contact information, so here goes.

Lawrence Wray


Blog (but you know that already)



Drop by my Facebook or twitter page any time and you’ll be welcome. Even better if you decide to follow or like my page.

I’ve written three short stories

‘The Briefcase’, which is available on Amazon

UK Customers

USA Customers


A Five Star Experience of a Lifetime
Which is free right here on WordPress


Valentine’s Surprise, again free on WordPress

I’ve also written a novel called ‘Money Man’ which is about a guy printing counterfeit money, but legal problems are delaying it being uploaded at the minute. Apparently it tells too much about the counterfeiting process. Hope to have everything sorted out by end of February, as I’m taking some of the interesting bits out to keep everyone happy.

Have a good one.

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