4 thoughts on “Hackers. Things to watch out for.

  1. I received that same message and reported it for spam, but I think I opened the link first. I’ll have to check if my followers reveived a robo-message. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi, Lawrence, came across this and it reminded me of a similar thing that happened to me. I was doing a Google search on my ‘Blogger’ account and noticed on a couple of the links one of my pages had been tagged on the end of two South African sites that showed up. For example: http://www.this was the South African site/my post on my blog – and when I clicked on it the South African site showed in my browser with my article amongst all the hackers adverts for safari holidays. I was advised to change my password to my site, which I did, and I’m still waiting to find out if it happens again. Bottom line is, remain vigilant to hacking. Thanks for posting.

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