My first results with Amazon

Hi all.

So as promised, here are the results of my first FREE short story on Amazon.

Obviously, I was all excited when I eventually got the book up, so I checked it immediately and wasn’t surprised to find that I was WAY down the list. My book was at 2612 and not even in the top 100.

I did, however, have a plan. I sent out a load of tweets at various times of the day asking for re-tweets, which I have to say, some did, but most didn’t. Some of my followers assured me that if I re-tweeted them, they would reciprocate, but that didn’t happen. If you check my twitter page, you will see that I do re-tweet, but silly me, I expected that the ones that promised that they would do it, would actually do it. But not all bad and a lot of them did and they were the mostly ones who didn’t guarantee it in the first place.

I uploaded info on FaceBook, but as I’ve only just started and have only 7 or 8 followers, I wasn’t expecting much from that avenue.

The book was on offer for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so first thing Saturday morning I checked again and was over the moon when I had moved down to 1504 and number 14 in the top 100 short stories. Chuffed or what.

Now, I hear you ask, how many did you sell? Well they were free to begin with, so none, but I did have a total of 34 downloads. Bit of a let down there and a wake up call. Most other blogs that I’ve read simply quote you their place out of 100 and assume (rightly) that we will be impressed and I had hoped that there would be a lot more, but hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Unfortunately, Saturday was our Christmas ‘works’ night out, so I didn’t get many tweets done and on Sunday the book was down to number 19, but I was still chuffed. At the price of 77p to buy, I wouldn’t like to be relying on it for my wages, but most overnight success stories take years of work.

My problem will arise with the release of ‘Money Man’ which is being published to raise money for Cancer Lifeline (so I can’t list it for free as they’re getting 50% of the proceeds), but it’s a very controversial book about counterfeiting money and I have loads of publicity planned including a couple of radio interviews when it eventually appears on Amazon.

Realistically, I’m not expecting to earn millions, but I won’t refuse anything that comes my way.

On another topic, when you’re on Twitter, isn’t it gratifying to be followed by successful authors who already have a substantial track record. Makes you feel just that little bit special. I’ve tweeted some of them for information and ALL have been very helpful.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Keep scribbling.



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